Are you lost in the financial jungle?

Imagine yourself running into the depths of the amazon jungle, maybe you are an expert in nature affairs and you find easy to go through, or maybe you are totally lost and have started panicking for your life, in both scenarios the threats are the same but what changes its your mindset. The Financial Ecosystem  works pretty much the same way, it will be a chaos, a constant uncertainty about what comes next, and more important, what to do next, the difference lies on how you react to these challenges . 


Enlighted and high end investors know crystal clear that the more important step before moving your capital into any kind of asset its having an open wide view of the field they are placing their money, and whatsoever, their future. After a detailed research in the most successful investors since 2017 we can conclude there are 4 key points .


-What does the company do? Wise investor Warren Buffet never places his money into a business he doesn’t understand cleary, being honest with your qualities and limitations is a key to thrive into the financial ecosystem


-Where is that company in the competitive scheme, are their profitable and overall are they sustainable? The market gets competitive and keeping a track of where the competitors are it’s a good idea to find the best investment. 

“For every Coke(Ko) there is a Pepsi (PEP)”


-Who runs that company, what are the culture and tactics of those who runs the business you believe to be the best bet for your savings?


-Company History, does this company make any big jump in the past? did they fall and rise or are they in a holdback, having a plain understanding of where the company is, where is it going and how is it getting there.


Choosing the right investment is a cold minded decision that requires an analytical process and a sensible sight to how the markets can fluctuated. Being holistic and objective, added with the updated and clear information about the business you’re deciding to go in is the key into finding a way to survive and thrive in the financial ecosystem.