Digital Transformation, a must for companies who wish to have a place in the future

Digital transformation is an event that will affect large cities and industries globally. The main element of this change is the complete digitalization of traditional processes.


In full 2019 various industries are still dependent on paper and other traditional elements in their operations, as a result efficiency is limited to support. The digital transformation is born as a way to approach these processes in a modern and fast way. At present  date the countries of the European Union reach a level of 12% of digitalization in their processes, while the United States and the United Kingdom 17%, with the investment and construction companies being the first to venture into these novel solutions.


“Use digital solutions for the digital age”

Amazon Clouds


The new technological tools have shortened distances and democratized marketing, the mission of digital transformation is to use digital data to anticipate, organize, structure and propose more efficient processes thanks to innovation, automation and artificial intelligence. The most notable effect of this proposal is the reduction of working hours, greater efficiency in management and an increase in the return on investment. The digital transformation is not an event reserved only for large companies, the idea is to be able to flatten the land for companies that decide to be part of this evolution, thus giving the possibility to SMEs, StartUps and large investments.